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a1 017 Short Circuit 30x18x3 Tapestry Polyproplene-Cord Cable-Ties Electrical-Wire-Caps

Summer Gone 23.5.X21.5 Mixed Fiber Handmade Japanese Kozo Twigs on Silk

Divergence Mixed FIber Tapestry Crystals


I am an abstract artist who “paints and sculpts with fiber”! Generally my artwork has an organic feel expressed by areas of intense color and varied textures and forms. I incorporate art-papers, found objects, semi-precious stones and crystals to further embellish the weavings and felted pieces. Of late, hardware stores have provided a treasure trove of products for my tapestries created with neon-colored polypropylene cords, electrical caps and cable ties.


Born to a family of textile manufacturers, my fiberart is informed by the various colored yarns and fabrics to which I have been exposed throughout my life. Also, my art has been significantly impacted by extensive travel to Europe, Israel, Jordan, Australia and New Zealand. Of special interest have been the many rugs and tapestries I’ve encountered from the Vatican to the Bedouin of Petra.


For the last 30+ years I have been a professional artist painting with oils, acrylics and mixed media, while also exploring wood and stone carving, printmaking and photography. In the past 5 years I’ve been making art with mixed fiber which has been my greatest passion and the medium I presently choose for my artistic expression. I use stitching, weaving, wrapping, twining, coiling, braiding and needle felting techniques.


I don’t necessarily begin a fiber work with any preconceived idea as to imagery; somehow the materials themselves guide me through the process. That’s the joy of creating each new piece.

Why do I make art?

A need to….express….explore….experiment…share….
work with color….reinvent….accomplish….be challenged….play!